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    Kristina Chetcuti

Amazing Maltese Women

by : Kristina Chetcuti


ISBN: 9789990918458
Cover: paperback
Age: 6-10, 9-14
Illustrator: Marisa Attard
Publication Date : 2020
Page Count : 40
The record-breaking bestseller, already in its second printrun! Sometimes it feels like only men have shaped the history of Malta. Is it possible that over the centuries there were no women who were brave, talented and who left a mark on Malta? Of course there were! Right from the very beginning till today! All the women in this book have one thing in common: they followed their heart and let no one dampen their determination. It’s time to discover the Amazing Maltese Women and let them inspire you! * The Women Who Smashed the Patriarchy, Sunday Circle, March 2020: read the article under the “Images” tab

ISBN: 9789990918458
Illustrator: Marisa Attard
Publication Date: 2020
Page Count: 40

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  • Kristina Chetcuti studied and trained as a journalist in London. She now works as an editor and creative at Merlin Publishers and has been a columnist for the Sunday Times of Malta since 2008. She co-authored Jacob My Titanium Man and contributed a short historical fiction story in Awguri Giovanni Bonello. She always wanted to have bookworm glasses and freckles, so, thank you Snapchat for making her dream come true.
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    “History has been written by men the world over, but in Malta history has finally been written – and illustrated – by two women.
    A book about amazing Maltese women by Kristina Chetcuti and Marisa Attard has broken a main local publisher’s pre-order records.
    From Mary Ellul, who in her flowy dress fished people from rubble during the war, to Irene Condachi, who hitchhiked her way to schools and single-handedly eradicated scabies …”
    The Sunday Times of Malta, New book highlights the ‘amazing Maltese women’ who made history

    The Women Who Smashed the Patriarchy, Sunday Circle, March 2020: read the article under the “Images” tab

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