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    Sarah Cachia, Kristina Chetcuti,

Jacob: My Titanium Man

by : Sarah Cachia, Kristina Chetcuti


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ISBN: 9789990915679
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Cover: paperback
Age: adults
Publication Date : 2015
Page Count : 160
About This Book
The amazing story of the boy who survived against all odds, becoming an inspiration to thousands and a beacon of hope for survivors everywhere When in January 2013 Jacob complained to his mother that he had a splitting headache, she thought he was down with a winter cold. Within days he lay unconscious on a hospital bed, and had had half his skull removed. Jacob was fighting for his life, against meningoencephalitis: an infection of the lining of the brain and the brain substance. “If we don’t operate, he may die, if we operate, he may die," Jacob's parents were told. Doctors told Sarah to prepare for the worst. But she refused, instead she promised him that one day he would be an old man sitting on a bench telling his grandchildren the amazing story of how he had fought his battle and won. Jacob's whispered answer was, “Mummy, you tell my story! Write a book and tell my story!” This is the story of a boy who survived against all odds, who became the life and soul of every event, who inspired his family to set up Survivors Malta, offering a space for people going through traumas to share their pain and give each other the motivation to carry on. This is the story of Jacob, the Titanium Man. cover photo: Brian Grech
Sarah Cachia is better known as the mother of Jacob, the Titanium Man. In 2013 she co-founded the support group Survivors Malta together with her then 15-year old son after he survived a serious illness. Discovering that through her sharing her story, she not only helped herself to heal, but others too, she went on to tell her son's inspirational story in her book Jacob: My Titanium Man together with co-writer Kristina Chetcuti. Sarah writes and voices her opinion with the sole purpose to inspire and motivate. Wife to Sammy and mother also to Chloe and her pet dog Peanut, Sarah's positivity shines through in her words.
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Kristina Chetcuti studied and trained as a journalist in London. She now works as an editor and creative at Merlin Publishers and has been a columnist for the Sunday Times of Malta since 2008. She co-authored Jacob My Titanium Man and contributed a short historical fiction story in Awguri Giovanni Bonello. She always wanted to have bookworm glasses and freckles, so, thank you Snapchat for making her dream come true.
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