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    Aunty Sab

Ride the Feeling: A New Superheroes book

by : Aunty Sab


ISBN: 9789990919219
Cover: hardback
Age: 6-10
Illustrator: Emma Galea Naudi
Publication Date : 2021
Page Count : 32
Winner of the National Book Prize Join fun-loving Bow as he explores a rainbow collection of feelings in one exciting day and discovers that each one matters. The award-winning author Aunty Sab and illustrator Emma Galea Naudi are back with a story that teaches children that all feelings matter. A conversation-starter, a great way for children to learn words to talk about their feelings and understand the feelings of others. A powerful story featuring strong memorable visuals and a whimsical character that children will love. Recommended by parents, teachers and mental health professionals

ISBN: 9789990919219
Illustrator: Emma Galea Naudi
Publication Date: 2021
Page Count: 32

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  • Sab Mulligan, affectionately known as Aunty Sab loves writing stories which inspire children to believe in the power of their uniqueness. She believes that all little humans have the right to design a life based on their talents and dreams. In her spare time, she loves mentoring teens, practicing yoga, putting her vegan cooking skills to the test … and coming up with new book ideas with her tribe of new superheroes led by her three-year old toddler who is her number one source of inspiration and also the most demanding boss she has ever had. She believes that any sandy beach is a beautiful space, any travel opportunity is worthy of a celebration, listening is the greatest superpower and all children have the wisdom adults should follow.
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