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    Charles Casha

Aktar Praspar ta’ Fra Mudest

by : Charles Casha


ISBN: 9789990910650
Cover: paperback
Age: 9-14
Publication Date : 1974
Page Count : 122
Aktar minn ħamsin sena ilu Charles Casha ħoloq il-karattru ta’ Fra Mudest. Illum dawn l-istejjer saru parti mill-folklor letterarju modern u taw bidu għal-letteratura moderna għat-tfal Maltin. Il-Fra ferrieħi u d-dinja sempliċi tiegħu baqgħu fost il-karattri klassiċi Maltin. Aktar Praspar ta’ Fra Mudest hija t-tieni ġabra ta’ stejjer tal-Fra.
Charles Casha started writing in the beginning of the 1960s. He created Fra Mudest in 1967, a character which is considered a classic icon of Maltese literature. When writing children’s literature, Casha blends both his creative skills as well as his teaching background. In his adult writing, he focuses on bringing out the social elements through his personal experiences. His poetry is concise and to the point and tackles mostly the themes of spirituality, existence and love.  
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