The content of all Merlin Publishers titles is covered by copyright, and as per copyright law you’ll need to obtain permission to reproduce any of our content. If you want to reproduce or copy an extract from a Merlin Publishers title, please read these guidelines before making your request online.



1. Check that the extract and/or illustrations that you want to use are from a Merlin Publishers book.
2. Check the credits, acknowledgements, and notes on the copyright page or at the back of the publication. Copyright in text, photographs and illustrations usually belongs to the author, photographer or illustrator rather than the publisher, however the request should still be made through the publisher. Copyright in quotes made by historical/well-known figures rarely belongs to the publisher. If material is attributed to another source, person or institution, please contact the cited party.
3.If you want to use extracts of text from a Merlin Publishers book, request permission by filling in the form below. Note that any required  information not submitted with the request may result in delays.
4.If the requested extract is substantial, we may charge a fee at our discretion.

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