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    Mark Camilleri


ta' : Mark Camilleri


ISBN: 9789990914429
Kategorija: ,
Qoxra: paperback
Età: adults
Pubblikazzjoni : 2013
Paġni : 320
Jirritorna l-Ispettur Victor Gallo, fis-sequel ta' Prima Facie. Rumanz polizjesk ġdid. "Sieħbu kellu dak kollu li hu ma kellux u kien dak kollu li hu ma kienx." Għax għal Martin Mizzi, wieħed mill-iżjed footballers popolari tal-gżejjer, il-kelma "biżżejjed" ma kinitx fil-vokabularju tiegħu. Sakemm jiltaqa' ma' mewtu, f'ġurnata ta' sħana minn dawk li jħobb isawwatna bihom Awwissu, u tingħata bidu għal katina ta' ġrajjiet illi fil-qalba tagħha jsib ruħu — forsi iżjed fil-fond milli xtaq — l-Ispettur Victor Gallo. U għall-Kap tat-Taqsima tal-Omiċidji l-investigazzjonijiet huma l-kura sabiex jipprova ma jiftakarx fl-imgħoddi. Akkost li kull pass li jagħmel ikun riskju, volens, li l-istorja tirrepeti ruħha.

Mark Camilleri ilu jgћallem gћal dawn l-aћћar tnax-il sena fejn fil-preżent huwa gћalliem fi skola primarja tal-Istat. Bejn pitazz u ieћor jirnexxielu jsib ċans jikteb regolarment rumanzi jew novelli polizjeski inkella xi xogћol gћal kotba tat-tfal. Fl-2009 kellu l-ewwel storja qasira, Gallo, ippubblikata fil-kollezzjoni 45 li fiha introduċa mal-qarrejja lill-Ispettur Victor Gallo. Sena wara kien imiss Prima Facie – ir-rumanz debut tiegћu – li fih laqqagћna mill-ġdid mal-Ispettur aktar fil-fond u li minnu twieled l-ewwel book video li qatt sar Malta.

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In the very best traditions of whodunnits
(Sunday Times of Malta review)
I’ve always been fond of a good, old-fashioned, detective story. The real whodunnits, Agatha Christie-style, where you can study characterisatrion and attempt to reach your own (often erroneous) conclusion.

Most of today’s detective stories, sadly, fall short of this, regaling us instead with one-dimensional characters, plenty of gore and an incidental killer whose identity you have no hope in hell of guessing.

Besides writers like Christie and Ruth Rendell, some Italian polizieschi do deliver the goods in the traditional whodunnit manner. And happily, it is this tradition that Mark Camilleri follows in his Spettur Gallo series.

Volens, his newest offering, re-introduces us to Gallo’s world after it was torn apart by the events in the first book, Prima Facie. I won’t give away too much detail about these happenings, for those of you who have yet to read the book.

It’s good to point out that Volens is a stand-alone. Although based around the main characters that were introduced in the first book, and although the personal lives of these characters are a continuation of the events therein, Volens is an entirely separate story you can follow equally well without reading the first one.

This time round, the plot centres around the murder of a famous footballer, Martin Mizzi. But don’t let that put you off if you’re not into footie. I wouldn’t recognise a football if it hit me in the face, yet I enjoyed every single page of the ride.

Actual football-related details are kept to a minimum, and the story is a concoction of mystery, violence (efficiently described), sex (discreetly described), music references (Gallo has surpri­singly good taste in music), corruption and... touchingly... a new romance for the inspector, which starts out as a casual encounter, but then develops into something more. Much more, actually.

Camilleri weaves all these elements seamlessly, combining a number of subplots around the main plot, until you’re well and truly hooked.

The victim’s characterisation is flawless. He is a man with many shades of grey and, as details about his private life continue to emerge, the reader is left guessing till the end about the possible motive for the murder.

The end, when it comes, will be a surprise for many. And yet, there are clues that are cleverly planted for those who care to look for them. Much like Prima Facie, Camilleri gives us a bittersweet ending that is completely in sync with the preceeding chapters.

I do not want to give too many details about the story itself. Suffice it to say that there is plenty of action for those who are so inclinded. As for those who prefer to enjoy the subtlety of clues and character development, there is plenty of that too.

And equally importantly, Gallo is forced to continue facing his personal demons – both those arising from the circumstances in the first book and others arising from new happenings in this one. Camilleri seems not to want to give his hero any peace.

To sum it up: action, sex, corruption and in-depth characterisation make this an ideal summer read.

Roll on the next Gallo adventure.

- Ramona Depares

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