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    Lizzie Eldridge

Vandalism | eBook

ta' : Lizzie Eldridge


ISBN: 9789990918694
Qoxra: eBook
Età: adults
Pubblikazzjoni : 2015
Paġni : 256

eBook version

Note, you aren’t buying a print book. You’re buying an ebook you can read in our mobile and tablet app (iOS or Android). Instructions on how to download the app will be included in the confirmation email you will receive upon ordering. Please use the same email address for buying the ebook and registering for the app.   Life, love and death, those three cornerstones of the human condition that seem hell-bent on letting you down 'How's about a seven-week romance? you asked, and it never crossed my mind to refuse.' Here, in Glasgow, Moira knows that love is about Andy. The living out of faults and shamefaced flaws together; coming home from work and forgetting to kiss; tossing arbitrary insults around without a care and bothering to clean up the mess afterwards. But while Moira's best friend, Connie, is dying of breast cancer, Ewan, a man she once loved, reappears on the scene. The reckless intensity of their passion contrasts sharply with her routine life with Andy and, much more brutally, with the rapid deterioration of Connie's health. Notions of loyalty and betrayal are called into question in a powerful and poignant collision between the present and the past. Within the emotional carnage is a painfully human story of grief and desire, of longing, love and loss.
Lizzie Eldridge hija kittieba, attriċi u għalliema Skoċċiża. Għandha PhD, għallmet it-teatru f’universitajiet Ingliżi għal 14-il sena, imma ġiet f’punt fejn xebgħet mill-akkademja u ġiet tgħix Malta fl-2008. Kitbet żewġ rumanzi, li wieħed minnhom - Vandalism (Merlin Publishers 2015) – ġie xxortlisjat għall-Premju Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb fl-2016. Għandha passjoni għal Federico García Lorca.
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