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    Ramona Depares

The Patient in Hospital Zero

ta' : Ramona Depares


ISBN: 9789990919325
Qoxra: paperback
Età: adults
Pubblikazzjoni : 2021
Paġni : 240
TALES FROM BETWEEN WORLDS Tales that explore the dark side of humanity and the shadows between worlds A deadly virus leaves a hospital patient cut off from the outside world, as increasingly strange happenings make her question her sanity. An unlikely good luck charm comes with sinister strings attached, while a wealthy socialite discovers that the biggest danger lies closer than the preternatural creatures laying siege to the city. A young woman’s propensity for lying spirals out of control, leading to a tragic twist of fate, while recurring night terrors reveal a terrifying experiment taking place in a small town. Award-winning journalist Ramona Depares digs deep into the darkness of the human psyche in this collection of chilling stories that manifest the dichotomies of human nature, with lust, greed and obsession variously driving each protagonist. The stories unfold within alternative realms that feature urban magic, psychological horror, dystopian societies, sci-fi elements, and even a post-pandemic parallel Malta. The result is a genre-bending collection that will intrigue readers who appreciate a sense of the uncanny.
L-aqwa ħaġa li Ramona Depares tgħallmet fil-kors tal-liġi kienet kemm tobgħod tkun avukat. U kemm kien għadu ma nħoloqx croissant li ma tħobbx. Tħobb l-inbid tajjeb, il-polka dots, konverżazzjonijiet frivoli dwar il-croissants u l-klieb b’widnejhom imdendlin. Meta ma tkunx okkupata b’dawn it-tliet affarijiet (spiss it-tlieta li huma f’daqqa), x’aktarx issibha taqra. Jew anki sempliċement tħares, kuntenta, lejn il-kotba u kif jaqgħu l-paġni tagħhom. Tgħix, ukoll, ma’ ġurdien.
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“Of course, it is what we do with this darkness that can potentially say something about us … Some stories are set against a futuristic background, not necessarily on our planet. Others explore an alternate history, taking recent events down a totally different pathway – the infamous ‘what if’. Some stories centre around magical realism, others are straight-up psychological horror, no magic added. Creating them all was super fun.”
Ramona Depares, interviewed for the Sunday Times of Malta: Exploring the darker side of us

“Well, doesn’t everyone have that little touch of darkness within, though? You won’t find any role models in these stories, but I think that’s exactly what makes them so relatable. I mean, sure they are lustful, greedy, insecure … but these are emotions we all go through, whether we like to admit it or not. The question is, what happens when you give this darker side free rein?”
— Ramona Depares, talking to Sunday Circle: Putting the spotlight on the female anti-hero

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