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The Maltese Bestiary


ISBN: 9789990915457
Qoxra: hardback
Età: 9-14, 13-18, adults
Illustratur: Stephan D. Mifsud
Pubblikazzjoni : 2014
Paġni : 142
Winner: Best Book Design at the National Book Prize An illustrated guide to the mythical flora and fauna of the Maltese islands Supernatural entities, frightening creatures, magical plants, ancient gods and a host of other legendary beings — almost lost from Maltese culture in the buzz of modern lifestyles — are brought back from the brink of extinction in this compendium of mythical life forms. Illustrated with realistic depictions and concise descriptions gathered from age-old sources, The Maltese Bestiary serves as a field guide to the almost lost yet living world that is hidden beneath Malta's sunny exterior. Luxury hardback edition

ISBN: 9789990915457
Illustratur: Stephan D. Mifsud
Pubblikazzjoni: 2014
Paġni: 142

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