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    Simone Spiteri

Storikus 2 the English Edition

by : Simone Spiteri


ISBN: 9789990916096
Category: , ,
Cover: paperback
Age: 9-14
Illustrator: Nicole Diacono
Publication Date : 2016
Page Count : 144
Storikus 2: the English edition is the second volume of the two textbooks in English for teaching History at secondary level. The books explore important periods in Maltese history in chronological order. Readers will get a holistic understanding of crucial time periods such as the Middle Ages, the Norman period, the Renaissance and the Great Siege. The books are chock-a-block with activities which allow for a discussion-and-research platform for students and teachers alike. Each section includes word banks, recaps, fact boxes, short biographies of key characters, multiple choice tests, exercises, quizzes, games, ideas for research, project assignments, photos, illustrations, maps and timelines. There is also a Maltese edition of this textbook: Storikus 2 bil-Malti, and its companion volume Storikus 1 bil-Malti.

ISBN: 9789990916096
Illustrator: Nicole Diacono
Publication Date: 2016
Page Count: 144

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  • Simone Spiteri wrote her first plays, as a child, on an old broken typewriter she had found under the staircase in her grandmother’s house. She never looked back and has worked – and written – for the theatre since forever. A few years ago she started writing history textbooks and then (after many, many years) she finally plucked up the courage to write her first book – which doesn’t need actors, rehearsals and sleepless nights to come to life.
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