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    A.C. Xuereb

Sixth Form College Physics (2nd ed)

by : A.C. Xuereb


ISBN: 9789990914108
Category: ,
Cover: paperback
Age: 13-18
Publication Date : 2012
Page Count : 616
The bestselling Sixth Form College Physics is back in a second revised edition, now published by Merlin. Sixth Form College Physics covers the Matsec syllabus. Its features include: • An introductory list of the topics at the start of each chapter • Highlighting of key points, definitions and formulae • Extensive use of diagrams • Applications of physics to technology • Analogies of physical phenomena with life situations • A step-by-step approach to mathematical work • More than 200 worked examples • A summary and a compendium of formulae at the end of each chapter • An extensive index • Use of two colours throughout and full colour in wave optics
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