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    Clare Azzopardi


Senduq Buffuri Oranġjo

by : Clare Azzopardi


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ISBN: 9789990914313
Cover: paperback
Age: 6-10
Illustrator: Robert Caruana
Publication Date : 2006
Page Count : 60
Anita ma tridx tiekol ħaxix. Kevin ma jafx min kiteb l-Innu Malti. Martin jibża' minn dellu u Amy taħli wisq ilma. Dawn il-karattri ssibhom kollha fis-senduq. X'qed tistenna biex tiftħu?! Ktieb fis-sensiela 'Senduq'

ISBN: 9789990914313
Illustrator: Robert Caruana
Publication Date: 2006
Page Count: 60

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  • Clare Azzopardi  lives in a 400-year old house. She spends a lot of time reading and writing stories for children and adults, unless she’s teaching, that is. She is the Head of Department of Maltese at Junior College. Her books have won several awards and her work has been translated into other languages.
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