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    Clare Azzopardi, Rita Saliba, Trevor Żahra,

Senduq Buffuri Aħdar

by : Clare Azzopardi, Rita Saliba, Trevor Żahra


ISBN: 9789990914184
Cover: paperback
Age: 0-7, 6-10
Illustrator: Pierre Portelli
Publication Date : 2005
Page Count : 56
Taf x'jiġri meta jinqata' d-dawl? Taf kif tkun il-qawsalla? Taf kif tagħmel collage? Minn dan is-senduq joħorġu l-istejjer ta' Darjo, Samwel, Kevin, Anna u Katja. Int għandek xi storja li tixbah lil tagħhom? Ktieb fis-sensiela 'Senduq'

ISBN: 9789990914184
Illustrator: Pierre Portelli
Publication Date: 2005
Page Count: 56

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  • Clare Azzopardi  lives in a 400-year old house. She spends a lot of time reading and writing stories for children and adults, unless she’s teaching, that is. She is the Head of Department of Maltese at Junior College. Her books have won several awards and her work has been translated into other languages.
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    Rita Saliba writes for both adults and children. She is three times winner of the National competition for Young Adult literature. Rita translated two teen novels to  Maltese. Swimming and outdoor activities boost her imagination which she in turn inspire her paintings and writing.  She loves horses, dolphins and dark chocolate in exactly equal measures.
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    Trevor Żahra popped out on December 16 in 1947. There is a possibility that he wrote his first book at the age of two months, but we still have to verify that. In his lifetime he has written all sorts of things: children’s books, workbooks, poems, novels, short stories, plays and monologues. He has also illustrated all sorts of things. For his book Stampakelma, he had to draw more than a thousand picture. His books have been published in France, Russia and Norway.
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