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    Antoinette Borg


by : Antoinette Borg


ISBN: 9789990917420
Category: ,
Age: 13-18, adults
Publication Date : 2018
Page Count : 192
Rebbieħ tal-Konkors ta’ Kitba — Letteratura għaż-Żgħażagħ (Aġenzija Żgħażagħ u Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb) Il-Ġimgħa filgħaxija. Sitt teenagers. Tfajla bil-mutur. Inċident. Żewġ pulizija. U wiżgħa. Imma żgur kien inċident? Andrea għandha d-dubji tagħha. Tiddeċiedi li tinvestiga ftit, u tiskopri ħafna. Xi ħadd minn sħabha għandu x’jaħbi, u jaf iktar milli qed jgħid dwar l-inċident … Sadanittant, l-investigazzjonijiet tal-pulizija għadhom għaddejjin … Int kieku x’tagħżel, Truth or Dare?
Chpt. 1: Antoinette is four years old and she learns how to read. She becomes a bookworm. Chpt. 2: At school she likes writing poems, laughing at silly jokes and she earns the nickname of ‘Enthusiasm’. She dreams of one day writing a book. Chpt. 3: Antoinette grows up, becomes an accountant and carves a career in consultancy. She also meets Brian, they fall in love and get married. Chpt. 4: She is a mother, reads stories to her children and suddenly recalls her long-time dream. Chpt. 5: She writes a book and calls it Fittixni. Kap. 6: She writes another book and it wins an award, she starts writing her third book. Kap. 7: To be continued.
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“But the story is also about six young people, each of them fighting a different battle. It is about two quirky policemen whose attitudes towards the teenagers are diametrically opposed, while each thinks his way is the right one. It is about the little gecko at the police station, which observes everything silently while struggling for its own survival …”
— Antoinette Borg, interviewed for The Malta Independent
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“(Ri)ġenerazzjoni is a multi-angled mystery involving teenagers. It’s playful and is loaded with puns and different writing styles. More than anything I found this to be a fun novel. Mind you it does discuss social issues but it definitely does not detract from joie de vivre the book encapsulates.”
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