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    Trevor Żahra


by : Trevor Żahra


ISBN: 9789990912616
Cover: paperback
Age: 0-7
Illustrator: Trevor Żahra
Publication Date : 2005
Page Count : 24
Qatt kont taf li l-kelb jagħmel quqqu-quqqu? U l-mogħża tagħmel klakk-klakk? Staqsi lin-Nanna, dik kollox tkun taf.

ISBN: 9789990912616
Illustrator: Trevor Żahra
Publication Date: 2005
Page Count: 24

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  • Trevor Żahra popped out on December 16 in 1947. There is a possibility that he wrote his first book at the age of two months, but we still have to verify that. In his lifetime he has written all sorts of things: children’s books, workbooks, poems, novels, short stories, plays and monologues. He has also illustrated all sorts of things. For his book Stampakelma, he had to draw more than a thousand picture. His books have been published in France, Russia and Norway.
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