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    Teodor Reljić, Inez Kristina Baldacchino,

MIBDUL issue #2

by : Teodor Reljić, Inez Kristina Baldacchino


ISBN: 9789990919776
Cover: paperback
Age: adults
Publication Date : 2022
Page Count : 24

Issue 2

Ancient monsters have awakened from beneath the surface of the small planet-wide city of Mibdul, but what awoke them, and why are they here? As they creep their way to the surface, the young Magla contends with the loss of her beloved mother, while helping her father run a tourism centre. But while both Magla’s friend and colleague Hayrun and the merciless businesswoman Orion court the attentions of the cybernetic denizens of the Velocifero for opposing ends, the monsters make their steady lurch forward … _ Mibdul is a six-issue serialised comic that’s a first in many ways: something of an allegory for Malta’s often tragicomic relationships with the outside world, it frames this political dimension through the story of Magla, a young girl whose mother recently committed suicide, but whose legacy suggests a link to primordial forces beneath Mibdul’s core. A legacy that both Magla and a rag-tag resistance force seek to exploit in an attempt to overthrow the capitalistic juggernaut that is destroying any remaining part of Mibdul’s natural heritage. Mibdul is the smallest planet in its star system, flanked as it is by Treaty — its former coloniser — and Velocifero, a technologically-advanced cyborg utopia that’s proving to be more and more of a reference point for Mibdul’s avaricious elite. Mibdul tells a colourful and gripping story, while also dipping into familiar political scenes to lend a flavour and satirical edge to a story that otherwise draws from a rich well of pop culture and myth. Mibdul is published monthly, in six issues, starting 14/04/22 Issue #1 is available from here, issue #3 from here, issue #4 from here, issue #5 from here, issue #6 from here, and the 6-issue subscription from here With funding by the Malta Book Fund (National Book Council)   “Mibdul is …  a surreal science-fiction environmental satire — from two of Malta’s best young creative talents.” — Gordon Rennie

ISBN: 9789990919776
Illustrator: Inez Kristina Baldacchino
Publication Date: 2022
Page Count: 24

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  • Teodor Reljić was born in Belgrade but raised in Malta. He is a writer of fiction, a freelance feature writer, and former culture editor and film critic at MaltaToday. His debut novel, Two, was published by Merlin in 2014. As a screenwriter, he has adapted Clare Azzopardi’s short story “Camilla” and Alex Vella Gera’s novel Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Velenużi. Mibdul is his comic book debut.

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    Inez Kristina (Baldacchino) is a Maltese animation director, comic artist and illustrator currently residing in Denmark. She enjoys creative risk-taking and jumping into the deep end, learning as much as she possibly can. She directed the short film “Cut It Out” which has been shown internationally at various short film festivals, and has finished the 6-issue comic book series Mibdul which was written by Teodor Reljić. Inez is always eager to find new things to dip her toes into as she waters her houseplants and finds herself adventuring through weird YouTube rabbitholes.
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