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    Tony Pace, Joan Pace,

Merlin English (3rd ed)

by : Tony Pace, Joan Pace


ISBN: 9789990913538
Category: , ,
Cover: paperback
Age: 6-10, 9-14
Publication Date : 1988
Page Count : 136
About This Book
Merlin English has been prepared with the aim of offering a sound base for all those aspiring to master the English language. While it is especially useful at upper primary and lower secondary levels, it can also be used as a teach yourself book. Merlin English is divided into several units which, for ease of reference, are presented in alphabetical order. Most units consist of two sections: notes, and exercises in context. Lists of the most common irregular verbs, adjectives, homonyms, synonyms and others are included in a separate unit. These should provide a ready reference.
Tony Pace taught at primary and secondary levels for most of his career, before becoming an education officer in 2008. Together with his late wife Joan, he authored the Merlin English, Malti, Maths series. He enjoys countryside excursions and composing music and believes that creativity is a spiritual journey. He is reading for a degree in Theology as part of a formation course for Ordained Ministry.
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