Kaxxa Rigal għall-kbar

by : Clare Azzopardi, Wayne Flask, Nadia Mifsud, Pierre J. Mejlak

73.00 51.00

ISBN: kaxxarigal6
Cover: box set
Age: adults
Publication Date : 2018
By popular demand, the Merlin Publishers’ gift box, Kaxxa Rigal will be available throughout the Christmas season. The Kaxxa Rigal għall-Kbar is one of Merlin Publishers’ new book gift boxes. It is packed with books written by Merlin Publishers’ finest authors including Clare Azzopardi, Pierre J. Mejlak and Nadia Mifsud. This is Maltese fiction at its very best and will take the reader on many a thought-provoking journey. The box contains the following books: Castillo by Clare Azzopardi; Kapitali by Wayne Flask; Awguri, Giovanni Bonello! by Azzopardi et al; Ir-rota daret dawra (kważi) sħiħa by Nadia Mifsud; and the award-winning Dak li l-Lejl Iħallik Tgħid by Pierre J. Mejlak. The original price for the box, €73, has been slashed down by 30% for the Christmas season at the special offer of €51. The Kaxxa Rigal is hand-packed and delivered to your doorstep. * Deadline for Christmas ordering is December 20. Any order received after that date will be delivered in the second week of January.
Clare Azzopardi  lives in a 400-year old house. She spends a lot of time reading and writing stories for children and adults, unless she’s teaching, that is. She is the Head of Department of Maltese at Junior College. Her books have won several awards and her work has been translated into other languages.
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The half-brains behind the online diabolical Satiristan and later Leħen id-Dnewwa, author and satirist Wayne Flask made his debut at the Manoel Theatre with Sibna ż-Żejt (2015). Vowing to never return to the theatre, he made his debut in literature with Kapitali (2017). Inspired by Irvine Welsh, Frankie Boyle and Armando Iannucci, he keeps a statuette of Italian actor Corrado Guzzanti on his bedside table. Don’t ask him why.
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Nadia Mifsud loves words. No, no. Scratch that. She’s scared of words. Well, maybe it’s a love-hate relationship. Her mother is to blame for her love of words - she used to buy her books instead of sweets. But she’s petrified every time she sits down to write because she has no control over words. She starts off writing a novel, and ends up with a poem. Or the other way round. Sometimes out of this chaos, a book is born and published: żugraga (2009), kantuniera ’l bogħod (Skarta Edition, 2015), Ir-rota daret dawra (kważi) sħiħa (Merlin, 2017).
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Pierre J. Mejlak is most known for his collection of short stories Dak li l-Lejl Iħallik Tgħid (Having said goodnight) which was awarded the EU Prize for Literature in 2014 and which has since been translated into ten languages. His work has inspired a TV series, a short film and a number of theatre pieces. In his spare time, he loves playing table tennis and believes his top spins hold serious promise.
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