Kaxxa Rigal għall-familja

by : Ludvic Azzopardi Ferrando, Antoinette Borg, Simone Spiteri, Marco Cremona, Glen Calleja, Sarah Cachia, Kristina Chetcuti, Leanne Ellul, Clare Azzopardi

66.40 46.50

ISBN: kaxxarigal2
Cover: box set
Age: 9-14, 13-18, adults
Publication Date : 2018
About This Book
By popular demand, the Merlin Publishers’ gift box, Kaxxa Rigal will be available throughout the Christmas season. The Kaxxa Rigal għall-Familja is one of Merlin Publishers’ new book gift boxes. This is packed with books for all the family. It includes the true story of Jacob, the young inspiring survivor, as well as Marco Cremona’s ascent to the Everest. From time-travelling to mountain climbing, Second World War tragedies to First World dietary issues, these books will keep all the family entertained. The box contains the following books: Iżżewwiġt Vegana by Fausto Brizzi translated by Ludvic Azzopardi Ferrando; Fittixni by Antoinette Borg; Il-Vjaġġaturi taż-Żmien (1) by Simone Spiteri; Sal-Quċċata tal-Everest by Marco Cremona with Glen Calleja; Jacob: My Titanium Man by Sarah Cachia and Kristina Chetcuti; Teresa by Deborah Abela translated by Leanne Ellul and Clare Azzopardi. The original price for the box, €66.40, has been slashed down by 30% for the Christmas season at the special offer of €46.50. The Kaxxa Rigal is hand-packed and delivered to your doorstep. * Deadline for Christmas ordering is December 20. Any order received after that date will be delivered in the second week of January.
Ludvic Azzopardi Ferrando is a City boy. He graduated in Maltese and then read for an MA at the University of Loughborough. He worked as an assistant librarian and as a Maltese teacher, so he is the right man to tell you where to put your books and where to put the għajn(għ) and the hakka(h). In 2004 he started working in Luxembourg as a translator with the European Commission and then, with the European Parliament. In his free time he enjoys cooking, overdosing on football and TV series, meeting friends and sometimes, writing. He is absolutely crazy about the sun and sea, but seeing as he lives in Luxembourg, he wakes up crying at night. His dream is for Floriana to be relegated to third division … oh, and for “world peace”.
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Chpt. 1: Antoinette is four years old and she learns how to read. She becomes a bookworm. Chpt. 2: At school she likes writing poems, laughing at silly jokes and she earns the nickname of ‘Enthusiasm’. She dreams of one day writing a book. Chpt. 3: Antoinette grows up, becomes an accountant and carves a career in consultancy. She also meets Brian, they fall in love and get married. Chpt. 4: She is a mother, reads stories to her children and suddenly recalls her long-time dream. Chpt. 5: She writes a book and calls it Fittixni. Kap. 6: She writes another book and it wins an award, she starts writing her third book. Kap. 7: To be continued.
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Simone Spiteri wrote her first plays, as a child, on an old broken typewriter she had found under the staircase in her grandmother’s house. She never looked back and has worked – and written – for the theatre since forever. A few years ago she started writing history textbooks and then (after many, many years) she finally plucked up the courage to write her first book – which doesn’t need actors, rehearsals and sleepless nights to come to life.
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Marco Cremona’s smaller-than-average physique probably contributed to his pushing his limits even at a very young age, excelling academically and in sports. Today, he is a water treatment engineer, a hydrologist, an activist, a researcher, and a sportsman. He has designed and built an international award-winning water-and-electricity self-sufficient home in Mosta. He has also designed the world’s first sewage-to-drinking water plant for hotels – and was filmed by BBC drinking that water.  Oh, and he climbed the Everest.
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Glen Calleja is a Maltese artist with a special interest in poetry and the book as object. His work often involves alternative book structures, found content and performative elements. Glen is co-founder of Studio Solipsis. He has led and participated in a number of interdisciplinary projects and is currently continuing his formation in traditional bookbinding techniques. His poetry books include eki t’eki (2002), IR-RAĠEL (2010, 2012, 2017), kull flgħaxija kif mal-għabex tnin u tmut saħħet il-jum (2014) and Iswed Assolut (2016).
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Sarah Cachia is better known as the mother of Jacob, the Titanium Man. In 2013 she co-founded the support group Survivors Malta together with her then 15-year old son after he survived a serious illness. Discovering that through her sharing her story, she not only helped herself to heal, but others too, she went on to tell her son's inspirational story in her book Jacob: My Titanium Man together with co-writer Kristina Chetcuti. Sarah writes and voices her opinion with the sole purpose to inspire and motivate. Wife to Sammy and mother also to Chloe and her pet dog Peanut, Sarah's positivity shines through in her words.
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Kristina Chetcuti studied and trained as a journalist in London. She now works as an editor and creative at Merlin Publishers and has been a columnist for the Sunday Times of Malta since 2008. She co-authored Jacob My Titanium Man and contributed a short historical fiction story in Awguri Giovanni Bonello. She always wanted to have bookworm glasses and freckles, so, thank you Snapchat for making her dream come true.
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leanne ellul teaches Maltese to very tall youths. she writes in small letters as capital letters irk her. she does not eat animals, and spends her free time cuddling her dog, researching, reading and writing. once someone described her as the red-haired author. she loves black and white photos and she loves black coffee. she writes the tikka malti textbooks with clare azzopardi. she won the francis ebejer award in 2013; won the konkors rumanzi għaż-żgħażagħ 2014; and in 2015 she took part in the biennale and won the award for best newcomer in writing. she is working on her poetry as well as her second teen novel.
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Clare Azzopardi  lives in a 400-year old house. She spends a lot of time reading and writing stories for children and adults, unless she’s teaching, that is. She is the Head of Department of Maltese at Junior College. Her books have won several awards and her work has been translated into other languages.
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