Kaxxa Rigal għal tfal etajiet 9-13

by : Leanne Ellul, Simone Spiteri, Clare Azzopardi, Roberta Bajada, Matthew Schembri, John A. Bonello

49.95 35.00

ISBN: kaxxarigal5
Cover: box set
Age: 9-14
Publication Date : 2018
About This Book
By popular demand, the Merlin Publishers’ gift box, Kaxxa Rigal will be available throughout the Christmas season. The Kaxxa Rigal għal tfal etajiet 9-13 is one of Merlin Publishers’ new book gift boxes. It is a boxful of suspense and adventure. Tales of time-travelling, classic paintings coming to live, cameras which make their owners immortal, ghosts who need to solve their own murder and detectives at large in Gozo. Young readers simply won’t be able to let go of these books. The box contains the following books: Il-Vjaġġaturi taż-Żmien (1) by Simone Spiteri; Teresa by Deborah Abela translated by Leanne Ellul and Clare Azzopardi; Termini u Kundizzjonijiet Japplikaw by Roberta Bajada; Stessi by Matthew Schembri; Irvin Vella: Il-Każ tal-Gżejjer tat-Teżor (3) by John A. Bonello. The original price for the box, €49.95, has been slashed down by 30% for the Christmas season at the special offer of €35. The Kaxxa Rigal is hand-packed and delivered to your doorstep. * Deadline for Christmas ordering is December 20. Any order received after that date will be delivered in the second week of January.
leanne ellul teaches Maltese to very tall youths. she writes in small letters as capital letters irk her. she does not eat animals, and spends her free time cuddling her dog, researching, reading and writing. once someone described her as the red-haired author. she loves black and white photos and she loves black coffee. she writes the tikka malti textbooks with clare azzopardi. she won the francis ebejer award in 2013; won the konkors rumanzi għaż-żgħażagħ 2014; and in 2015 she took part in the biennale and won the award for best newcomer in writing. she is working on her poetry as well as her second teen novel.
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Simone Spiteri wrote her first plays, as a child, on an old broken typewriter she had found under the staircase in her grandmother’s house. She never looked back and has worked – and written – for the theatre since forever. A few years ago she started writing history textbooks and then (after many, many years) she finally plucked up the courage to write her first book – which doesn’t need actors, rehearsals and sleepless nights to come to life.
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Clare Azzopardi  lives in a 400-year old house. She spends a lot of time reading and writing stories for children and adults, unless she’s teaching, that is. She is the Head of Department of Maltese at Junior College. Her books have won several awards and her work has been translated into other languages.
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Roberta Bajada, or Bobbie – as her friends call her – was born in St Julians and always knew that she wanted to be a) a teacher and b) a writer. Her first masterpiece, in the shape of a tattered copybook full of ink splodges, was written when she was only eight years old and it is still there stashed somewhere in a bottom drawer with comic strips she used to write and send to the Sagħtar children’s magazine. The minute she gets home, Roberta kicks off her shoes and walks around barefoot (the furniture is not always friendly towards her little-toe). She loves sushi, travelling, and cuddling on the sofa with her dog.
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Matthew Schembri is rather quiet, but that’s becuase he’d be planning a philosophical riot. He’s always thinking, reading, studying, researching … and chatting to his dog and cat. When not writing or listening to Lady Gaga, he’s lost in the world of visual art. He won the Divergent Thinkers 04 organised by VIVA in 2015, and one year later he went to the Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts as a resident artist. In 2018 he won the award for the first Young Artist of the Year by the Malta Arts Council.
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John A. Bonello was born on a moon-lit night in the same year that George Lucas started filming the first Star Wars. His books include the trilogy Il-Logħba tal-Allat, the duology for grown-ups Unus Mundus, and the children’s series Irvin Vella: Virtual Investigator. He has won the National Book Prize Award three times, has a terrapin called Yoda and when he grows up he’ll be getting a dachshund and call him Dog. He lives to write and writes to live.
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