Kaxxa Rigal: Fantaxjenza

by : John A. Bonello, Loranne Vella, Simon Bartolo

63.00 44.00

ISBN: kaxxarigal7
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Cover: box set
Age: 13-18, adults
Publication Date : 2018
About This Book
By popular demand, the Merlin Publishers’ gift box, Kaxxa Rigal will be available throughout the Christmas season. The Kaxxa Rigal Fantaxjenza is one of Merlin Publishers’ new book gift boxes. It is the ultimate book lovers gift box. Are you a fan of Middle-Earth or dystopian novels? Would you like to read science fiction plotted on more familiar territory? We've got you covered! With this gift box all you have to do is open a book and let the adventure begin. The box contains the following books: It-Tielet Qamar (1) by John A. Bonello; Rokit by Loranne Vella; Deformity by Simon Bartolo; Fil-Mergħat tal-Impossibbli (1) by John A. Bonello; Jien, Wieħed Minnhom (2) by John A. Bonello. The original price for the box, €63, has been slashed down by 30% for the Christmas season at the special offer of €44. The Kaxxa Rigal is hand-packed and delivered to your doorstep. * Deadline for Christmas ordering is December 20. Any order received after that date will be delivered in the second week of January.
John A. Bonello was born on a moon-lit night in the same year that George Lucas started filming the first Star Wars. His books include the trilogy Il-Logħba tal-Allat, the duology for grown-ups Unus Mundus, and the children’s series Irvin Vella: Virtual Investigator. He has won the National Book Prize Award three times, has a terrapin called Yoda and when he grows up he’ll be getting a dachshund and call him Dog. He lives to write and writes to live.
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Loranne Vella lives a busy life in Brussels where she translates in an office, reads in bed, writes in cafes and occasionally performs in the street.  Every so often she switches locations around. She's become indifferent to the grey weather but wears a huge smile when it shines. She prefers to write in Maltese, read in English, translate from French, and dream in Japanese. At the end of the day, she still tries to get her eight hours of sleep.
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Simon Bartolo became popular as a writer with the Fiddien Trilogy which he co-wrote with Loranne Vella. Since then all his books have earned him national prizes. His plays have also enjoyed success, especially Jien Inħobb, Inti Tħobb and Ħabbilni Ħa Nirbaħ which inspired a feature film set to be released in 2018. He works as a translator and divides his time between Brussels and Malta. His passion is writing and you’ll rarely see him anywhere without a pencil and a notebook.
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