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    Clare Azzopardi, Sandra Hili Vassallo, Trevor Żahra, Carmel G. Cauchi, Charles Casha, John A. Bonello, Roberta Bajada,

Isma’ l-ktieb: kotba awdjo bil-Malti

by : Clare Azzopardi, Sandra Hili Vassallo, Trevor Żahra, Carmel G. Cauchi, Charles Casha, John A. Bonello, Roberta Bajada


Cover: audiobook
Age: 0-7, 6-10, 9-14, 13-18
Publication Date : 2017

* NB: Dan is-sett huwa għal użu personali biss. Għal liċenzja għal użu fl-iskejjel jew istituzzjonijiet edukattivi oħra, tistgħu tibagħtu email fuq

  Dan sett ta’ kotba awdjo ta’ kotba għat-tfal bil-Malti mingħand il-Merlin Publishers. Is-sett jinkludi 12-il ktieb awdjo, u jiġbor fih għażla ta’ letteratura bil-Malti għal etajiet differenti minn tliet snin sal-adolexxenti, b’uħud mill-iżjed kotba u awturi popolari. Il-vuċijiet huma ta’ wħud mill-atturi Maltin l-aktar magħrufa f’dan il-qasam: Ray Calleja, Rachel Portelli, Roderick Vassallo, Daniela Carabott Pawley, Ruth Borg, Chris Galea, Ruth Borg, Antonella Mifsud - taħt id-direzzjoni artistika ta’ Josette Ciappara. Dan il-kotba awdjo qegħdin f’format mp3 biex jistgħu jinstemgħu fuq kull apparat diġitali. Il-kotba awdjo fis-sett huma: Mingu Clare Azzopardi Qari: Ruth Borġ Età: 6+ Imeldina Sandra Hili Vassallo Qari: Ruth Borġ Età: 3+ Jake Cassar isalva ir-Renju tar-Re Pankrazju IV Clare Azzopardi Qari: Ray Calleja Età: 8+ Jake Cassar: Ir-Re Pankrazju jagħlaq mitt sena Clare Azzopardi Qari: Ray Calleja Età: 8+ Ħadd ma jista’ jidħak jew jiekol pastizzi tal-piżelli Trevor Żahra Qari: Josette Ciappara Età: 9+ Ħadd ma jista’ jkanta jew idoqq strumenti tal-banda Trevor Żahra Qari: Josette Ciappara Età: 9+ Kif Jaħsibhom Mastru Gerfex Carmel Cauchi Qari: Chris Galea Età: 8+ Fra Mudest Charles Casha Qari: Antonella Mifsud Età: 8+ Il-Ħrejjef Kollha ta’ Wied Peprina Trevor Żahra Qari: Rachel Portelli Età: 8+ Irvin Vella Investigatur Virtwali: il-Każ Manduca John A. Bonello Qari: Roderick Vassallo Età: 10+ Il-Każ (kważi) kollu tal-Aħwa de Molizz Clare Azzopardi Qari: Daniela Carbott Pawley Età: 10+ Arloġġ u Tila Roberta Bajada Qari: Josette Ciappara Età: 10+   * Wara li tixtri dan is-sett, tirċievi email bid-dettalji u l-ħoloq mnejn tniżżel l-mp3s. * Għal dawk it-tfal b’diffikultajiet tal-viżta jew għomja, dan is-sett huwa disponibbli bla ħlas grazzi għall-iffinanzjar mill-Premju tal-President għall-Kreattività. Jekk dawn iċ-ċirkostanzi japplikaw, ibgħat email fuq jew ċempel 21246472 biex tirċievi s-sett b’xejn.
Clare Azzopardi  lives in a 400-year old house. She spends a lot of time reading and writing stories for children and adults, unless she’s teaching, that is. She is the Head of Department of Maltese at Junior College. Her books have won several awards and her work has been translated into other languages.
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Sandra Hili Vassallo was born in 1968. She served as a diplomat in New York and as a director within the public service. She now works as a legal officer and lectures on family law at the University of Malta and feels very strongly about social justice and refugees’ rights. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Santa Venera. When she’s not working (or writing) she enjoys the sea, the rain, the ice cream and music and books.
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Trevor Żahra popped out on December 16 in 1947. There is a possibility that he wrote his first book at the age of two months, but we still have to verify that. In his lifetime he has written all sorts of things: children’s books, workbooks, poems, novels, short stories, plays and monologues. He has also illustrated all sorts of things. For his book Stampakelma, he had to draw more than a thousand picture. His books have been published in France, Russia and Norway.
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Carmel G. Cauchi is a member of the Għaqda Poeti Maltin, the Għaqda tal-Malti (Università) and the Akkademja tal-Malti. He has won several awards for his writing and was given the prestigious award Città di Valletta for a poem he penned in 1986. His scripts won him the best playwright trophy at Festival ta’ Drama għall-Iskejjel, three times in a row. He was awarded the Premju Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb four times.
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Charles Casha started writing in the beginning of the 1960s. He created Fra Mudest in 1967, a character which is considered a classic icon of Maltese literature. When writing children’s literature, Casha blends both his creative skills as well as his teaching background. In his adult writing, he focuses on bringing out the social elements through his personal experiences. His poetry is concise and to the point and tackles mostly the themes of spirituality, existence and love.  
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John A. Bonello was born on a moon-lit night in the same year that George Lucas started filming the first Star Wars. His books include the trilogy Il-Logħba tal-Allat, the duology for grown-ups Unus Mundus, and the children’s series Irvin Vella: Virtual Investigator. He has won the National Book Prize Award three times, has a terrapin called Yoda and when he grows up he’ll be getting a dachshund and call him Dog. He lives to write and writes to live.
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Roberta Bajada, or Bobbie – as her friends call her – was born in St Julians and always knew that she wanted to be a) a teacher and b) a writer. Her first masterpiece, in the shape of a tattered copybook full of ink splodges, was written when she was only eight years old and it is still there stashed somewhere in a bottom drawer with comic strips she used to write and send to the Sagħtar children’s magazine. The minute she gets home, Roberta kicks off her shoes and walks around barefoot (the furniture is not always friendly towards her little-toe). She loves sushi, travelling, and cuddling on the sofa with her dog.
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