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    John A. Bonello

Irvin Vella: Il-Każ tat-Tfajla Maħtufa (6)

by : John A. Bonello


ISBN: 978999091961-5
Cover: paperback
Age: 9-14
Illustrator: Francesca Grech
Publication Date : 2021
Page Count : 192
Finalist tal-Premju Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb Is-sitt misteru għall-iktar investigatur popolari fil-letteratura Maltija għat-tfal: Irvin Vella Il-Pulizija qed tinvestiga l-ħtif ta’ Jess Green, tfajla ta’ tmintax-il sena li kienet btala Malta. Kollox jindika li l-ħati huwa wieħed imsejjaħ il-Vleġġa. Iżda Irvin Vella mhux konvint.

ISBN: 978999091961-5
Illustrator: Francesca Grech
Publication Date: 2021
Page Count: 192

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  • John A. Bonello was born on a moon-lit night in the same year that George Lucas started filming the first Star Wars. His books include the trilogy Il-Logħba tal-Allat, the duology for grown-ups Unus Mundus, and the children’s series Irvin Vella: Virtual Investigator. He has won the National Book Prize Award five times, has a terrapin called Yoda and when he grows up he’ll be getting a dachshund and call him Dog. He lives to write and writes to live.
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    “The target audience for the Virtual Investigator series is children of 10 and over. However, I’ve been stopped in the street by many adults who have enjoyed reading these light detective novels, and asked me for more!”
    — John A. Bonello, interviewed for The Malta Independent
    Read the full interview here: My contribution to my nation and my mother tongue

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