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    Simon Bartolo, Loranne Vella,

Il-Ġnien tad-Dmugħ (Il-Fiddien 3)

by : Simon Bartolo, Loranne Vella


ISBN: 9789990913446
Cover: paperback
Age: 13-18
Illustrator: Lisa Falzon
Publication Date : 2009
Page Count : 480
Rebbieħ tal-Premju Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb It-tielet u l-aħħar volum fit-triloġija tal-Fiddien, li kisret kull rekord ta' bejgħ Wasal iż-żmien li jitwieġbu l-mistoqsijiet kollha, iż-żmien fejn tintemm l-innoċenza u jibda l-ġlied. Jista' jerġa' jkun hemm il-paċi u l-kuntentizza fid-dar il-Ħamra, wara t-traġedja fil-ġnien? Tommy jitlaq biex isib lil sħabu u miegħu għandu lil Estella. Flimkien imorru fuq l-akbar avventura ta' ħajjithom, avventura li tħallina bla nifs, fejn dak kollu li sirna nafu s'issa jista' jinbidel jew jintemm. Jista' l-Magħżul jeqred lill-Fiddien? Jistgħu l-Immarkati jerġgħu lura lejn djarhom? Hemm tama għal Jason u s-subien l-oħra? Fost siġar u fjuri, wirdien u friefet, se ninġarru fl-akbar avventura li qatt rat Malta u naslu fil-qofol ta' storja tant kbira li se żżommna mtertqin sal-aħħar!

ISBN: 9789990913446
Illustrator: Lisa Falzon
Publication Date: 2009
Page Count: 480

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  • Simon Bartolo became popular as a writer with the Fiddien Trilogy which he co-wrote with Loranne Vella. Since then all his books have earned him national prizes. His plays have also enjoyed success, especially Jien Inħobb, Inti Tħobb and Ħabbilni Ħa Nirbaħ which inspired a feature film released in 2018. Simon is a full-time writer based in Malta. He writes stories and novels and songs and plays. You will rarely see him anywhere without a pencil and a notebook.
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    Loranne Vella lives a busy life in Brussels where she translates in an office, reads in bed, writes in cafes and occasionally performs in the street.  Every so often she switches locations around. She's become indifferent to the grey weather but wears a huge smile when it shines. She prefers to write in Maltese, read in English, translate from French, and dream in Japanese. At the end of the day, she still tries to get her eight hours of sleep.
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    “Il-Ġnien tad-Dmugħ” shatters records

    The third and final volume in the Fiddien trilogy by Simon Bartolo and Loranne Vella, Il-Ġnien tad-Dmugħ, was launched on 11 December at Caraffa Stores, Birgu Waterfront. It is the highly-awaited conclusion to the most successful Maltese children’s book ever. Hundreds of kids and adults packed the Caraffa vaults for two separate launches: One for kids, with actors in full costume and make-up, quizzes, games, dances, face-painting, and exclusive readings from the book; and a night launch for adults, where the vaults were turned into a nightclub with music by DJ Bob.

    The first two volumes, Sqaq l-Infern and Wied Wirdien, were the fastest-ever sellers of a Maltese children’s book, and went on to be translated into French and German. The new book, Il-Ġnien tad-Dmugħ, broke its own records by selling an unprecedented 1,500 copies within the first few hours of launching.

    It is difficult to overstate the impact that these books had on Maltese children’s literature. Thousands of fans blog and post online comments about the books, giving their predictions on the ending of the trilogy, begging for sneak peeks and discussing the merits of the various characters. The trilogy’s website,, has been given a totally new look, with new content to match, for the launch of the third installment.

    The blend of reality and fantasy proved a winning formula for Bartolo and Vella, and their books have appealed not only to their target audience of children and teenagers, but also to large numbers of adults and especially of hitherto-English-reading people. The illustrations for the whole trilogy, including the Manga section at the beginning of the third book, are the work of artist Lisa Falzon.

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