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    Trevor Żahra, Rose Gatt,

Fun with Shapes

by : Trevor Żahra, Rose Gatt


ISBN: 9789990910094
Cover: workbook
Age: 0-7
Illustrator: Trevor Żahra
Publication Date : 1994
Page Count : 32
Early learning should be fun. This is the aim of this book. Children learn the basic shapes by joining dots and by colouring the shapes. They also learn to use shapes to create pictures. Children should be encouraged to make up their own pictures by playing around with shapes. Fun with Shapes is one of a series of Fun with … workbooks where basics are introduced at a pace little children understand and enjoy.

ISBN: 9789990910094
Illustrator: Trevor Żahra
Publication Date: 1994
Page Count: 32

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  • Trevor Żahra popped out on December 16 in 1947. There is a possibility that he wrote his first book at the age of two months, but we still have to verify that. In his lifetime he has written all sorts of things: children’s books, workbooks, poems, novels, short stories, plays and monologues. He has also illustrated all sorts of things. For his book Stampakelma, he had to draw more than a thousand picture. His books have been published in France, Russia and Norway.
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