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Deformity | eBook

Simon Bartolo
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ISBN: 9789990915037
Qoxra: eBook
Data tal-pubblikazzjoni : 2011
Numru ta’ paġni : 368
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Winner of the National Book Prize

The much-awaited return of Simon Bartolo, of Il-Fiddien fame

“because every adventure needs a monster”

The year is 2111.
Erick Noyle lives with his mother in a government-issue trailer in The Hills. About to turn sixteen, he will soon have to be sterilised and participate in the Conscious Evolution Project. But then routine testing reveals that Erick is already a few rungs up the evolutionary ladder. This seems to indivate that he is genetically enhanced, like the glowing green kids at school.
Meanwhile, teenage girls are falling prey to the savage attacks of thugs who have been dubbed ‘the birthday rapists’. But why are these rapists travelling so far to find their victims?
Perched on the edge of the next leap in human evolution, Erick finds himself in a race against time to find the answers he needs and save the people he loves. He could be a new best hope for the future of the human race.
Or he could be its worst nightmare.