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    Loranne Vella, Clare Azzopardi, Ġużè Stagno, Mario Azzopardi, Simon Bartolo, Pierre J. Mejlak, Carmel G. Cauchi, Trevor Żahra, Charles Casha, Mark Camilleri,


by : Loranne Vella, Clare Azzopardi, Ġużè Stagno, Mario Azzopardi, Simon Bartolo, Pierre J. Mejlak, Carmel G. Cauchi, Trevor Żahra, Charles Casha, Mark Camilleri


ISBN: 9789990913453
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Cover: hardback
Age: adults
Publication Date : 2009
Page Count : 224
Rebbieħ tal-Premju Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb Ktieb uniku fil-ħsieb, fil-kontenut u fl-esekuzzjoni, biex jikkommemora l-45 anniversarju tal-Merlin. Stejjer oriġinali, miktuba minn 9 mill-aktar awturi stabbiliti f'Malta li lkoll jippubblikaw mal-Merlin, flimkien ma' awtur ġdid li kien qed jagħmel id-debutt letterarju tiegħu f'dan il-ktieb. Li jgħaqqad l-istejjer, in-numru '45', li b'xi mod jew ieħor jitfaċċa f'kull waħda minn dawn il-ġrajjiet. Stejjer ta' Loranne Vella, Clare Azzopardi, Ġużè Stagno, Mario Azzopardi, Simon Bartolo, Pierre J. Mejlak, Carmel G. Cauchi, Trevor Żahra, Charles Casha u Mark Camilleri
Loranne Vella lives a busy life in Brussels where she translates in an office, reads in bed, writes in cafes and occasionally performs in the street.  Every so often she switches locations around. She's become indifferent to the grey weather but wears a huge smile when it shines. She prefers to write in Maltese, read in English, translate from French, and dream in Japanese. At the end of the day, she still tries to get her eight hours of sleep.
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Clare Azzopardi  lives in a 400-year old house. She spends a lot of time reading and writing stories for children and adults, unless she’s teaching, that is. She is the Head of Department of Maltese at Junior College. Her books have won several awards and her work has been translated into other languages.
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Ġużè Stagno was born in the fishing village of Marsaxlokk, Malta in 1976. He is the author of four novels, and currently working on his fifth. For the past five years he has been living in Brussels, where he plies his trade as a conference interpreter. His favourite novel – which he has never read – is The Life and Opinions of  Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Stern. “The best ones,” he says, somewhat enimgmatically, “are the ones you’ve never read, always.”
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Mario Azzopardi (1944-2022) is one of Malta’s foremost literary luminaries: poet, author, art critic, theatre director. He was one of the founders of Moviment Qawmien Letterarju in 1967, and was the pioneer of avantgarde literature in Malta. A prolific and acclaimed author, in his lifetime he also produced work for stage, radio, television, led the Malta Drama Centre and was a longtime columnist in numerous newspapers. [ adapted from HELA’s Directory of Maltese Writers ]
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Simon Bartolo became popular as a writer with the Fiddien Trilogy which he co-wrote with Loranne Vella. Since then all his books have earned him national prizes. His plays have also enjoyed success, especially Jien Inħobb, Inti Tħobb and Ħabbilni Ħa Nirbaħ which inspired a feature film released in 2018. Simon is a full-time writer based in Malta. He writes stories and novels and songs and plays. You will rarely see him anywhere without a pencil and a notebook.
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Pierre J. Mejlak is most known for his collection of short stories Dak li l-Lejl Iħallik Tgħid (Having said goodnight) which was awarded the EU Prize for Literature in 2014 and which has since been translated into ten languages. His work has inspired a TV series, a short film and a number of theatre pieces. In his spare time, he loves playing table tennis and believes his top spins hold serious promise.
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Carmel G. Cauchi is a member of the Għaqda Poeti Maltin, the Għaqda tal-Malti (Università) and the Akkademja tal-Malti. He has won several awards for his writing and was given the prestigious award Città di Valletta for a poem he penned in 1986. His scripts won him the best playwright trophy at Festival ta’ Drama għall-Iskejjel, three times in a row. He was awarded the Premju Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb four times.
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Trevor Żahra popped out on December 16 in 1947. There is a possibility that he wrote his first book at the age of two months, but we still have to verify that. In his lifetime he has written all sorts of things: children’s books, workbooks, poems, novels, short stories, plays and monologues. He has also illustrated all sorts of things. For his book Stampakelma, he had to draw more than a thousand picture. His books have been published in France, Russia and Norway.
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Charles Casha started writing in the beginning of the 1960s. He created Fra Mudest in 1967, a character which is considered a classic icon of Maltese literature. When writing children’s literature, Casha blends both his creative skills as well as his teaching background. In his adult writing, he focuses on bringing out the social elements through his personal experiences. His poetry is concise and to the point and tackles mostly the themes of spirituality, existence and love.  
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Mark Camilleri has been teaching for the last 12 years. In between correcting homework, he writes. And writes. And writes. His pen keeps churning out police thrillers. It all started in 2009 when his first short story, Gallo, was published in the Merlin Publishers’ anthology 45, which is where the readers met Inspector Victor Gallo for the very first time – but certainly not the last.

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