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Sometimes it feels like only men have shaped the history of Malta. Is it possible that over the centuries there were no women who were brave, talented and who left a mark on Malta?

Of course there were! Right from the very beginning till today!

All the women in this book have one thing in common: they followed their heart and let no one dampen their determination. It’s time to discover the Amazing Maltese Women and let them inspire you!

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This stunning, one-of-its-kind book, documents the life of the incredibly courageous, resilient women who lived their life with a mission. Some of the names of the women in the book may be familiar, but most are unsung.

Did you know Clara La Spatara was a much sought-after blacksmith at the time of the knights, or that Mary Ellul had superhero strength and saved people during World War II, or even that Maria de Dominici was one of the first ever recorded female artists in the world?

This book cuts across all ways of life and across the ages: from Tina the prehistoric woman, to Malta’s first woman cabinet minister Agatha Barbara; from Madame Manfre, Malta’s very own Coco Chanel, to journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia who was killed because of her brave writing.

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To celebrate this unique book, a collaboration between three amazing women in their own right – author Kristina Chetcuti, illustrator Marisa Attard and designer Faye Paris – we are offering a special pre-publication offer price, only for this week.

Offer ends 19th February 2020

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