Lupu Lupettu goes Christmas

Merry Christmas Lupu Lupettu!
Merry Christmas Lupu Lupettu!

Merlin Publishers’ very own star – Lupu Lupettu – has just wandered into our Christmas Kaxxa Rigal!

He’s still in his pajamas but he looks like he’s thinking hard about whether to put on the jeans and striped-tee combo or his superhero outfit for the occasion!

PS. A Kaxxa Rigal containing the Lupu Lupettu cuddly toy, two of his outfits, and two reader books, is selling at the special discounted Christmas price of €35. We bet there are a few budding bookworms who’ll want to put this on their Santa list!

If you’re interested in a Lupu Christmas box drop us a line on [email protected]

NB: Any order received after December 20 will be delivered in the second week of January.