It’s that time of the year …

September and October are exciting times for us Merlini! It’s the time when after months of nurturing, we give one last hug to books we’d have been polishing for months and then pack them off to the printers’. It’s that time when we realise that our babies have finally become teenagers ready to find new friends in eager readers.

We are doubly excited this year because we have two new special sequels coming out.  Simone Spiteri who delighted children (and grown-ups) with her nail-biting time-travelling adventure Vinkulari: Il-Vjaġġaturi taż-Żmien, and Roberta Bajada who left young readers jittery and breathless with her art thriller Arloġġ u Tila, will both be back with new adventures in follow-up books.

So, for all those 10-year-olds, who upon finishing the last page of the first books, looked up and exclaimed: “What comes next?!”, now they’ll have the answer.

We’d love to tell you what comes next, but alas! our lips are sealed – you have to watch this space for sneak peeks. Both books will be available by end of October and will set the right mood for children’s winter reading.

For those who still have not read the first books, we cannot recommend them enough because as many parents will attest, sequels are a blessing especially for kids who struggle to keep their heads in books. If kids like the first book, it’s almost a guarantee they will like the next, and the next. So while we eagerly wait for the sequels, here’s the link to the first two: Vinkulari: Il-Vjaġġaturi taż-Żmien and Arloġġ u Tila.