“He’s Crawling! She’s Walking!”

You blink, and all of sudden your baby is a teenager. Where has your little cherub gone? This is where baby’s albums come in. It is important to cherish the exciting moments of a baby’s first year, because they are incredibly special. Of course, there are many lovely baby albums to choose from but here at Merlin Publishers we wanted to make a special one for Maltese parents.

We have just launched our first ever baby album in Maltese for new parents to record their baby’s milestones. Beautifully illustrated in hardback with a side ribbon tie, L-album tal-ewwel sena tiegħi includes two envelopes inside to store the baby’s keepsakes, perhaps the baby’s birth tag, or a curly lock.

The album is the perfect place to stick the photos of that first smile, the first wave of the hand, the first crawl, and the first step. In fact it guides you step-by-step through each significant moment: the coming home from hospital, baptism, meeting the grandparents and all the joys of the first year. To make it easier for parents recording the twinkling occasions, L-album tal-ewwel sena tiegħi gently guides with prompting questions so that it’s easier to log in the information.

Moreover, the album comes in two separate editions: one for girls and one for boys, so that it can make a perfect first gift from the godparents. L-album tal-ewwel sena tiegħi is produced in collaboration with DeAgostini, the prestigious Italian publishing house. The Maltese text is by Sherise Zammit, who is the author of the popular Ġanni jżur Londra/Pariġi series.


L-album tal-ewwel sena tiegħi will be a treasured keepsake throughout your baby’s growth. And the whole family will be able to treasure the magical moments. Most importantly, when the teen years come along and you feel stretched and challenged every day, you can always flick through the album and remember how sweet your rebel teen once was!