English or Malti?

At Merlin Publishers we stand for freedom of thought. Full stop. The issue of which language do we express that freedom of thought with, is secondary. What matters is that what needs to be said is said, and is said without restrictions.

As it happens we are publishers of books – children’s and adults – in Maltese, and therefore we are firm rooters of our mother tongue. Our language gives us an identity and roots us to the ground we call home.

However we are very much aware that we live in a country where some look like rabbits in the headlights if spoken to in Maltese; and others would rather eat a tub of worms than speak in English. The language question all too often raises its head, but this, merlinpublishers.com, is certainly not the place for it.

Our new revamped website is a space where people with either language preference will feel at home. It’s bilingual; but bilingual with a Merlin touch. Which means that shopping instructions, author information, submissions guidance and other important information are available in equal detail in both languages; but other stuff will depend on the muse of the people penning the posts – it could be Maltese, English, French, Italian and even Japanese, for all we know. For example, you will find that this is not a word-for-word translation of a similar post in Maltese on the website’s bilingualism. It’s not even written by the same Merlin wiz.

The aim of our publishing house is to ensure the best standards in Maltese language publications and through this website we want to sow a love of that language, but even for other languages.

It’s important because words and syntax are the tools which enable us to express ourselves properly. And that alone gives us the most precious concept of humanity: freedom of thought and speech.