Dreaming of Paris

Yesterday one of my fellow editors and I were having a chat with a soon-to-be author over a new project, and we got musing over how lucky we are to be spending our days doing what we enjoy: creating books.

And surely one of the most visually exciting areas of creating books is picture books – the gloriousness of the illustrations, seeing them develop from scribblings in the author’s manuscript and on the designer’s doodle pad, to the illustrator’s rough concept sketches and eventually the final versions in all their technicolour glory … That’s us, on a lucky day.

The realities of 2018 work dynamic mean that more often than not, the various members of the project team are scattered across the globe. That’s how, right now, the second book in Sherise Zammit’s ‘Ġanni’ series (the first was Ġanni jżur Londra) is coming together. Our brilliantly talented illustrator, Noémie Gionet Landry, is as we speak working on the illustrations in faraway Canada, even as we finalise the text and send feedback.

I thought I’d share a couple of Noémie’s work-in-progress photos. Those of you who follow her on Instagram will have seen teases there too.

OK, coffee break over, back to putting this book together …