At Merlin Publishers we publish about 40 books per year. Because we are a small
team of five, each and every title for us is a labour of love

Become a Merlin author

Thank you for considering Merlin Publishers as a home for your book. We have a dedicated team responsible for developing a list of high-calibre, creative and imaginative writers.
Once we’ve accepted a manuscript for publication, our team will step in to ensure that the final outcome will be the best possible: we will work with you to edit your manuscript, we will proofread it, design and typeset it to the highest standards.
Working together as a close team, we will support you as a writer, promote you extensively to readers on social media and beyond, effectively sell you to national bookshops, ensure visibility of your book, run publicity campaigns – and develop your brand.

Why become a Merlin Publishers author?

As a Merlin Publishers author, you’ll benefit from our:

  • leading publishing brand with a nationwide reputation
  • collaborative author coaching and publishing expertise
  • professional editing and advice
  • excellence in product development and design
  • experience in innovation
  • access to more markets, and leading bookshops

We are happy to consider unsolicited submissions. We especially welcome writers independently recommended by published authors.

Before submitting your work, do please carefully consider the following points:

  •  Please note we are currently only accepting submissions of manuscripts in Maltese.
  • While we will consider all submissions, our primary areas of publishing are fiction and educational books.
  • Are you familiar with our list and feel confident that your manuscript suits us? Do take time to explore our list.
  • Are you comfortable with actively collaborating with us in marketing your title and working with others in the book trade to help make your book a success? Are you happy and able to give public readings, provide interviews and help booksellers with signings and events? Are you confident you have the personal time available to support your work once it is public?

Why we might say no

If you are unsuccessful, this may be no reflection on your manuscript. It is a judgement based on what works in our list. The most common reasons why we turn down a new book proposal are:

  • Sorry – Sometimes books don’t fit with our publishing strategy or our channels to market. If they’re not right for us we’ll be quick to say that we won’t make the best home for them.
  • Oops! – We already have a book on our publication schedule which is too similar to the proposed title.
  • Err … – Some books are so topical or fad-driven that they only have a short shelf life. The size of the Maltese market means that such books would often, sadly, not be feasible.

How to submit your manuscript

Send in your manuscript via the Manuscript Submissions form. Please ensure all fields are duly filled in.

While we do reply to all submissions, it usually takes a few months until the material is evaluated and discussed. Thank you for your patience!