Antoinette Borg

Chpt. 1: Antoinette is four years old and she learns how to read. She becomes a bookworm.

Chpt. 2: At school she likes writing poems, laughing at silly jokes and she earns the nickname of ‘Enthusiasm’. She dreams of one day writing a book.

Chpt. 3: Antoinette grows up, becomes an accountant and carves a career in consultancy. She also meets Brian, they fall in love and get married.

Chpt. 4: She is a mother, reads stories to her children and suddenly recalls her long-time dream.

Chpt. 5: She writes a book and calls it Fittixni.

Kap. 6: She writes another book and it wins an award, she starts writing her third book.

Kap. 7: To be continued.