A letter to new superheroes!

We have a very special guest blogger today. None other than Aunty Sab, whose new superheroes will be returning to the bookshelves with a brand new book, later this week.

Hello again new superheroes, it’s Aunty Sab! I’m so happy to be back! I’ve been exploring feelings and oh wow – what an adventure I’ve had! First of all, how are YOU feeling today?

Thanks to my new friend Bow – the very cute character in my third book, Ride the Feeling – I’ve discovered that we all experience lots of feelings, sometimes even during the same day! In this new superheroes book, Bow (soon to be your friend too) bounces from one feeling to another – he feels happy, sad, excited, angry, shy, surprised, scared and ends the day feeling grateful. In one day he rides 8 feelings – EIGHT! Eight different situations trigger a different feeling and each feeling is represented by a rainbow colour. I’ve learnt that just like Bow we can ride our feelings too!

Now our dear friend Bow is lucky – he has a magical bulb on his head that changes colour according to what he’s feeling – isn’t that smart? He can’t hide his feelings – his bulb shows everyone what he’s feeling because feelings are meant to be shared.

The thing is, we don’t have a magical bulb on our head (hmmm…. or do you? if you do I’d really love to meet you!!!). The only way that our loved ones and friends will get to know how we’re feeling is if we tell them or show them. Feelings aren’t meant to be experienced by ourselves so share each and every feeling with someone you are close to. Whether you’re happy, sad, angry or feeling silly – tell the people you love what’s going on in your heart. That’s what I’d really love you all to do.

Bow has taught me a lot about feelings and my wish is that you’ll learn a lot from him too. Hopefully, we’ll meet in class or during a reading event very soon. Until then, keep safe new superheroes! The world needs you to be YOU because you’re unique and you’re so so special.

If you feel like, please write back to me. I promise I’ll write back! Tell me how you are, what this year has been like for you and what you’re dreaming of at the moment – or draw me a picture and send it over. Remember, this new book is all about feelings and our own magical rainbow, so let your imagination take you places!

Sending you so much love,

Aunty Sab
P.S. –  I’ve added two games at the end of the book so play along and have fun!

Ride the Feeling, by Aunty Sab with illustrations by Emma Galea Naudi, will be published on World Book Day – 23rd April 2021.

If you haven’t yet pre-ordered your copy, what are you waiting for? We’ve teamed up with some great companies to offer you lots of goodies with every pre-ordered copy.

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